Florida Tribal Gaming Fifth Largest In USA

The Seminole Indians have made a mark for Florida gaming after blackjack tables were installed on Hard Rock casino floors.

All it took was installing some Vegas-style slots and blackjack into Seminole casinos for Florida to become one of the fastest growing tribal gaming destinations in the US. The recently released Indian Gaming Industry Report showed Florida tribal gaming as the fifth largest tribal gaming state in the country.

Florida tribal gaming grew by almost twenty percent in 2008. That was fueled largely by the Seminoles expanding to include blackjack, baccarat, and Vegas-style slots at their Florida casinos.

The future of tribal gaming in the state looks brighter than ever, according to the report. Florida is the only state that was in the top five in both overall gaming revenue and year-to-year growth. That is not expected to change anytime soon.

The addition of blackjack may have helped the Seminoles improve tribal gaming revenue figures, but it also may have ruffled the feathers of lawmakers. Representative Bob Galvano and his colleagues are considering casino expansion for state pari-mutuels that would help these facilities compete with the tribal casinos, who currently have a monopoly on live dealer blackjack games.

However, the pari-mutuels were recently given approval to include electronic blackjack games in their casinos, and the racetracks hope this attracts some blackjack players away from the Seminoles.

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