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Below are special deals Florida’s Casino Pulse Magazine online poker sponsors have worked out just for Casino Pulse readers. Stay tuned to this page to stay up to date with all the latest deals offered by the most popular online poker sites. All poker rooms listed here can be played at for an unlimited time for free!

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Full Tilt

Full Tilt PokerFull Tilt Casino Pulse Special Bonus

One of the advantages of being a magazine dedicated to gaming enthusiasts is the relationship we develop with some of the top online poker rooms in the world. Full Tilt qualifies as one of those poker rooms, and Casino Pulse has negotiated a special deal for all poker players.

New customers to Full Tilt can visit the site using the link from Casino Pulse. Once at the site, simply enter the code FTPULSE, and receive a 100% match of your first deposit. You can deposit any amount up to $600 and Full Tilt will match that deposit. The deposit match gives you a chance to experience the great world of online poker without having to spend all of your money to do so.

Tournaments at Full Tilt Poker

Cash games are fun, but when playing online, tournaments are the big draw. Full Tilt offers a wide array of tournaments from small events that cost just a couple of dollars, to big, multi-player tournaments that could win players hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tournaments are offered with a variety of options. For those players who do not wish to spend large buy-in amounts to play the big tournaments, satellite tournaments can be played to gain entry to the bigger events.

Guaranteed tournaments are events in which the prize pool is guaranteed regardless of how many players enter. Several prize packages outside of cash can be found at these guaranteed tournaments.

Cash tournaments are starting every minute at Full Tilt. Players can be comfortable knowing that whether you are looking for a $2 entry fee event, or a $500, entry fee tournament, Full Tilt can accommodate your wishes. Cash tournaments also have varying caps on how many players can enter, from six player tournaments up to thousands of players in a single event.

Cash Games at Full Tilt Poker

Poker pros often will be labeled for how they play in certain types of poker games. While some players are known for their tournament play, others became famous for their ability to take down their opponents in cash games.

At Full Tilt Poker, cash games are an essential part of their platform. The top pros in the world can be found at various times throughout the day playing cash games at Full Tilt. The games are structured much like the tournaments.

For those players new to the game, they can learn the game on the $.25/$.50 tables. The more advanced players can play in high stakes games with starting blinds of $500/$1,000. Players can also choose different size tables to play at with some tables holding only six players, and others up to ten.

The Buzz on Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker is home to some of the most recognizable names in the poker world. With players such as Howard Lederer, Jennifer Harman, Mike Matusow, Allen Cunningham, and Phil Ivey, the buzz word surrounding Full Tilt Poker is excitement. Ivey is considered the top player in the world, and with dozens of poker pros frequenting the site, amateur players have the opportunity to play against some of the best players in the world.

Summary of Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker is considered one of the top online poker sites available to online players. With top pros, and amateurs from all corners of the world, Full Tilt has become a meeting ground for anyone who considers themselves a strong poker player.

With all the star power, and the ability to keep amateur players comfortable, Full Tilt truly has something for every level of poker player. Their cash games, high stakes tournaments, and general atmosphere makes Full Tilt an online poker room that every aspiring player should visit at least once.

Absoulte Poker

Absolute PokerAbsolute Poker Casino Pulse Bonus

When it comes to online poker bonuses, Absolute Poker is near the top of the list. For years Absolute Poker has been forming a bond with new customers through their deposit bonuses, and they continue to give away millions of dollars in bonus money.

Casino Pulse Magazine has worked directly with Absolute Poker to ensure that magazine customers are taken care of at Absolute Poker. By heading to Absolute Poker and entering the code ABPULSE, a first time customer will receive a 150% match bonus on their first deposit.

The new player can deposit up to $500 and be eligible for the deposit bonus. The partnership between Casino Pulse Magazine and Absolute Poker has made many players happy and these players remain customers of Absolute Poker even today.

Tournaments at Absolute Poker

The slogan used on the home page of Absolute Poker makes it clear that tournament poker is the focus at this site. The dedication to offering top of the line poker tournaments is apparent from the first time a player enters Absolute Poker.

“Every player starts a tournament with the same number of chips. Play them well and your life could change with the turn of a card.” With those words, Absolute Poker invites every online player to the opportunity of a lifetime.

Freeroll tournaments have become extremely popular at online casinos, and Absolute Poker offers some of the best. A freeroll is an event in which a player does not have to pay an entry fee, but is eligible for all prizes of the tournament. many of Absolute Poker’s freeroll tourneys come with large guaranteed prize pools.

In addition, Absolute Poker also offers all of the cash tournaments that can be found at all online poker rooms. High rollers and amateurs alike have all found tournaments that fit their budgets and playing skill at Absolute Poker.

Cash Games at Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker offers the standard cash games options found at many online poker rooms. The cash games can run from small denominations, into the hundreds. Players can pick a cash game that suits their needs, and sit for ten minutes or ten hours.

Hand history and winning percentages are always important when picking the right cash game to play, and Absolute Poker offers some of the top technology in the industry when it comes to player history.

Every player wants to know that the poker games they are playing are legitimate, and Absolute Poker has a safeguard system in place to ensure that no Bots or cheating players are on the tables.

The Buzz on Absolute Poker

The buzz on Absolute Poker is that it is one of the premiere online poker sites in the world. The site has also bagged two of the hottest women in the game. Team Absolute Poker includes Lacey Jones, who has done commentary on ESPN for the World Series of Poker, and Trishelle Canatella, a former Real World star on MTV. They are joined by Matt Vengrin, an up and coming poker player.

Summary of Absolute Poker

With so many options, it is hard to choose which online poker site to play at. Most players have accounts at several different sites, and Absolute Poker should be included in those lists. With increasing sign-up bonuses, large tournament selections, and cash games that go on throughout the day, Absolute Poker should be a part of every online players day.

Ultimate Bet

Ultimate Bet PokerUltimate Bet Casino Pulse Bonus

Every online poker room is looking for a small edge in the battle for customers. For Ultimate Bet, their edge comes in the form of a welcome bonus and a high profile delivered from many of the top professional players in the world.

Casino Pulse Magazine is proud to announce that through our work with Ultimate Bet, we have come up with an exiting offer for new customers to Ultimate Bet. Any player that goes to the Ultimate Bet poker site and enters the code UBPULSE, will be privileged to a 111% match sign-up deposit bonus.

The player will get to deposit anywhere up to $1,100, and have the casino match the deposit by 111%. It is one of the top bonuses available at online casinos, and another reason to check back with Casino Pulse Magazine in the future to find other bonus specials.

Tournaments at Ultimate Bet

By far, Ultimate Bet is the place to go if online poker tournaments is your game. There are a plethora of options, and some of the most innovative poker tournaments in the world can be found at Ultimate Bet.

One of the more popular tournaments offered is the STEP tournament. This is an event where a player can start with a simple $.10, and then work their way through a series of tournament until they reach the final event. At the final event, the player who wins gains access to one of the premiere land-based tournaments in the world.

On Sunday’s at Ultimate Bet, the $200,000 Guaranteed tourney is held. The entry fee for this tournament is moderate, but players do have the opportunity throughout the week to win their seats in satellite events.

Standard tournaments can also be found at Ultimate Bet. Small buy-in events all the way up to major multi-player tournaments are available, and players never know what pro they may be seated against when playing a tourney at this popular casino.

Cash Games at Ultimate Bet

While tournaments may be the main attraction, cash games are no side show at Ultimate Bet. It is easy to see just from the amount of poker professionals that frequent the site, that the cash games at this poker room are second to none.

Take one journey through the site and at any given time the top pros in the world can be found at the cash game tables. It matters not whether the game is $1/2 No-Limit poker, or high stakes buy-in games, the pros are lurking.

For players who are new to the game of poker, the smaller cash games allow players to see many hands without having to risk large amounts of money. The higher stakes games are for the seasoned veterans, or the amateurs that would just like the thrill of playing for big stakes.

The Buzz on Ultimate Bet

All an amateur player has to do is wander around homepage until they come to the Team Ultimate Bet page. Once on that page, it is easy to see why so many players chose Ultimate Bet as their online poker room of choice.

Phil Hellmuth is perhaps the single most recognized name in the poker world, and he calls Ultimate Bet home. Other top pros that play on Ultimate Bet include Annie Duke, Tiffany Michelle, Brandon Cantu, and Joe Sebok.

Ultimate bet Summary

If it is good enough for the top names in the game, then it is good enough for the average Joe. Phil Hellmuth and his fellow poker pros do a good job promoting this site, and Ultimate Bet does a good job staying current. Thousands of players from all across the globe gather at Ultimate Bet every day for their chance to play in some of the most exciting poker games on the Internet. If fast paced, high energy poker is what you are looking for, Ultimate Bet may be the place for you.

Poker Stars

Poker StarsPokerStars Casino Pulse Bonus

PokerStars is one of the most recognized names in the online poker industry, and since Casino Pulse magazine is quickly becoming one of the most recognized name in the industry, it seemed logical for the two to team up.

PokerStars has become known for working with their partners to ensure that every online poker player gets a chance to play and gets free money the first time they sign up. New players going to PokerStars can use the code PSP14051 to receive your special offer.

The special offer allows players to deposit up to 4600 and receive a 100% match bonus from PokerStars. The bonus is not instant, but after playing for a limited amount of time, a player quickly earns the full bonus.

Tournaments at PokerStars

PokerStars has become world-renowned for their poker tournaments. In past years, the site has sent players to the World Series of Poker Main Event through satellite tourneys held at PokerStars.

Innovation runs wild at PokerStars. Any tournament that is available online can be found at PokerStars. From small time single table tournaments to events where thousands of players can enter, PokerStars offers the, all.

The poker room also has one of the largest selections of freeroll tournaments. Players are finding it hard to continue to play the game they love in these economic times, and PokerStars has adjusted by adding more freerolls in which players can win without having to risk any cash.

Playing in satellite tournaments has become one of the most popular ways to gain access to some of the top big money tournaments at PokerStars. Leading up to any big event, PokerStars holds countless smaller tournaments for players to qualify for the main events.

Cash Games at PokerStars

PokerStars became one of the first online poker rooms to offer cash games, and players have responded by making PokerStars one of the biggest online casinos in the world. The cash games are considered to be among the safest and well-run in the industry.

Understanding the need to cater to all poker players, PokerStars built their cash games with the intent that even the smallest of players could afford to play. Blinds start for just pennies on the dollar, and players can sit at tables all day without winning and literally lose less than $5.

For those players who thrive on action, PokerStars also offers a large amount of high stakes cash games. There are rooms that are available only to high rollers, and players have the option of creating their own private games on the site.

The Buzz on PokerStars

Buzz is an understatement when speaking of PokerStars. The online poker room has spent millions of dollars on promoting their product, and bringing in top notch poker pros was obviously part of that marketing scheme.

Daniel Negreanu, Chris Moneymaker, Vanessa Rousso, Greg Raymer, Joe Hachem, Joe Cada, and Bertrand Grospellier would make up one heck of a final table in any tournament. All of these players can be found at the PokerStars tables at any given time.

PokerStars Summary

PokerStars set the standard for the past decade in online poker, and they continue to do today. As the world of online poker is changing, so to is PokerStars. With increased tournaments, advanced game options, and some of the top pros in the world sitting at their tables, PokerStars continues to be the standard of excellence that other sites model their operations after.


Bodog PokerBodog Casino Pulse Bonus

At Bodog Casino, customer satisfaction is key, and nothing is more satisfactory for players than receiving free money. Bodog has a sign-up bonus that is similar to other online casinos, although they do give that little extra that other casinos do not.

For new players looking to get in on the poker scene at Bodog Poker, a 110% match bonus is offered. The first time deposit is matched with a 10% instant bonus. The player can then accumulate an additional 100% match bonus over the next sixty days.

For players looking to make a quick score, Bodog Poker also offers six free chances into the Sunday $100,000 Guaranteed poker tournament. Free money and free entries into their biggest tournament are something that new players can always count on at Bodog Poker.

Tournaments at Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker is well known for their millions of dollars invested in guaranteed poker tournaments for players. At any given time, Bodog Poker is running tournaments in which thousands of dollars can be won.

The biggest draw at Bodog Poker is their Sunday $100,000 Guaranteed event. The tournament begins at 4PM, and is open to anyone who wants a chance to win big money as the weekend comes to a close.

The $100,000 Guaranteed tournament costs a player $150 + $12. For those players who do not want to spend that much on an entry fee, there are many options throughout the week to qualify for the big Sunday event.

Bodog Poker offers a wide array of smaller poker tournament all week long. Whether a player is looking to make a big score, or just spend an afternoon relaxing playing some poker, Bodog has the tournaments for every occasion and mood.

Cash Games at Bodog Poker

The 4100,000 Guaranteed tournament might be the main draw at Bodog, but for players who want an old-fashioned cash game, Bodog is equally accommodating. Cash games are running for every second of every day at Bodog.

Cash games can be played to the comfort level of the player. For advanced players, cash games can run at a couple of hundred dollars per blind. Players that are looking to learn the game or pass time can play at games with blinds at low as $.50/$1.

The majority of players that are on the tables at Bodog have become used to the structure of finding their favorite cash games, and Bodog has made it easy to navigate to and from different poker tables throughout the casino.

The Buzz on Bodog Poker

Bodog, unlike some of the other big online poker sites, uses only a minimal amount of poker pros to push their poker room. Evelyn Ng and Amanda Musumeci are two pros that have signed on to play at Bodog Poker. The remainder of Team Bodog are composed of featured players and qualifiers for big events such as The World Series of Poker. The majority of the buzz surrounding Bodog Poker comes from everyday amateur players who have been frequenting the site for years.

Summary of Bodog Poker

While Bodog Poker does not have the star power of some of the other online poker sites, Bodog makes up for it in customer service and quality of live events. The tournaments are large, the cash games are fast and furious, and the sign-up bonus makes it beneficial for all online poker players to open an account and join in on the fun.