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We love our readers, that’s why we want to know everything about you! We want to know your opinions about current events. We want to know what type of gambler you are. We want to know your ideas and thoughts on how to make Casino Pulse better.

So when you have some free time, feel free to take our main Casino Pulse Reader Survey, or take some Casino Pulse Polls, too. Then be sure to come back here often to find out the results of polls you just took, and to take new polls that we add regularly.

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Casino Pulse Reader Survey

Below is a very short, 10 question survey that we kindly ask you to take in order to gain a better understanding of the type of person that reads Casino Pulse Magazine. You will remain completely anonymous by taking this survey. We are not collecting any personal information, just the answers to the questions.

Please only take this survey once.

How old are you?

What is your annual income?

How often do you gamble?

What game do you most often play?

Do you gamble mainly to win or play for entertainment purposes?

On a trip to the casino, how much do you typically spend?

Are you male or female?

Do you read Casino Pulse online, or enjoy the print version?

Take Our Fun Polls!

Below are the latest polls we have created. Polls you have already answered will show the results. Polls that are closed will only show the results. We are not collecting any personal information about you in these polls, we are merely looking for answers to topical questions about gambling in Florida. Some results of these polls will appear in the print version of Casino Pulse.

What direction would you like to see the state of Florida gambling go?

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