Record Gaming Money Spent Lobbying Florida Congress

Over $5 Million was spent by gaming companies in 2009 lobbying the Florida legislature, more is expected to be spent in 2010.

A record amount of money was spent by gambling companies lobbying the Florida legislature in 2009, over $5 million, in fact, all in an effort to sway the future laws of the state in each gambling company’s particular favor.

In March the Florida congress will take up the issue of expanded gambling again and even more money is expected to be spent through the 2010 sessions.

“I expect these numbers to be surpassed in 2010 when the Florida Legislature reconvenes,” said Marc Dunbar, a professor of Gaming Law at FSU College of Law and lawyer for a number of gaming interests.

Mardi Gras Casino spent $600,000 lobbying congress, more than any other gaming company.

With the recent talks of resort style casino meccas being built on certain Florida beaches, Las Vegas Sands has entered the scene. They spent over $65,000 lobbying Florida’s congress in 2009.

Others spending large amounts of cash to influence Florida’s lawmakers were Isle of Capri, who spent $410,000, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, who spent $395,000, GTECH, who spent $320,000, and the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida, who spent $280,000. Hialeah Park spent $230,000, Daytona Greyhound spent $215,000, Jacksonville Greyhound spent $205,000, Flagler spent $202,000, Calder spent $197,000, and Gulfstream Park spent $190,000.

The complete list of numbers can be found at, a website that tracks the legal developments of the Florida gaming industry.

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