Seminole Hard Rock Casino Pays Third $1 Million Jackpot

The third player in less than six months hit a bigger than million dollar jackpot at Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Hollywood.

Those who believe that the slots in the local casinos are for suckers, may not have checked out the machines over at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino lately. On March 6th, the casino paid out its third million dollar jackpot in the past six months.

The latest winner came courtesy of the Millionaire Sevens game. The slot starts with a million dollar jackpot and then increases each time it is played. The jackpot that was won on March 6th was for $1,634,211.

“I was really excited,” said the winner, who wished to remain anonymous. “This changes everything for me. There are a lot of good things I can do now.”

Two other people have also had that life changing experience recently. On October 17th of last year, a $1,028,215 jackpot was hit on the Megabucks Video MegaJackpot game. Less than a month earlier, on September 29th of 2009, another player became the first player ever to win the Megabucks MegaJackpot progressive top prize. That player walked away with $1,110,779.

The jackpots at all of the Seminole casinos have been growing astronomically over the past year. The games are linked together, and with gambler participation at an all-time high, the jackpots are rapidly rising.

Even card players now have a shot at a massive jackpot no matter which Seminole casino they frequent. The poker rooms at the Seminole casinos have linked their bad beat jackpots, and the result has been bad beats that have topped six figures on a consistent basis.

“I have noticed an increase in poker players since they (the Seminoles) linked the bad beat jackpots,” said Danny Jerry, a player at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino. “It has made for a better playing experience, especially at times during the day when action at the poker room used to be a little slow.”

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