Poker Tournament SMS Alerts
Our data collectors work hard on a daily basis to keep up with all the latest dates and times of every poker tournament in Florida. Any visitor can easily select any poker tournament in which they would like to be reminded about and subscribe via SMS.

This service is provided through Google Calendars. Users must have a free Google account, and they must activate SMS Alerts in the Google Calendars section of Google. Then they will be able to set a reminder for any poker tournament for whatever time they want.

How to setup your Google Calendar to allow SMS reminders for a tournament.

- At the top of the Google homepage, click on the ‘more’ drop down link at the top of the screen and click on ‘Calendar’.
- Once in the Google Calendar, on the left under ‘My Calendars’ click on ’settings’.
- On the new screen go to the ‘Mobile Setup’ tab and follow the simple directions.
- After this is done you will be able to easily receive SMS reminders for any event using our
Poker Tournament Schedule Tool.