SunCruz Casino Shuts Its Doors

SunCruz will no longer be sailing from Port Canaveral and Myrtle Beach.

It appears that SunCruz’s long relationship with the state of Florida has come to an end. On the week of December 13th, the gambling cruise company stopped sailing out of both their Jacksonville and Port Canaveral ports.

There was no immediate reason given by the company, but the Port Canaveral Port Authority gave indications that they were preparing to make efforts to collect over $300,000 in money that SunCruz owed.

Even more peculiar was the timing of the closure. Employees had just attended a holiday party on December 14th, and they were not told of the closing. Many were left without jobs right before the holidays.

SunCruz had been in financial trouble since the economic recession began. They were already facing increased competition from land-based casinos, and the recession just added to those problems.

The Port Authority would have had the right to seize the SunCruz ship that was sailing out of Port Canaveral, so instead of being locked in a legal battle, SunCruz decided to pull their ships from both Port Canaveral and Jacksonville.

The company itself has not officially announced that they were closing their services in the two locations, but all signs point to that outcome. Stay tuned for further information on this story…

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