Fendley Wins Pleasure Island Poker Charity Tournament

Teena Fendley shows the hand that won her the Pleasure Island Poker Charity Tournament.

Pleasure Island Poker held a charity tournament this past Saturday and players came from all over the Southeast to contribute to this “Save The Ta-Tas” event that benefited the Susan G. Komen, ‘Run For The Cure,’ breast cancer foundation. The tournament was held at Scully’s on the Bayou in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Teena Fendley walked away with the top prize after defeating Frank “Gator” Crowder in a heads-up final that lasted only six minutes. Although Fendley won the tournament, the event proved to be beneficial to all players who contributed to the cause.

The tournament began with thirty-two players, many of which had signed up before January 9th, ensuring them an extra 2,000 in starting chips. All other players started with 5,000 starting chips.

Play began at 2PM with blinds starting at 100/200, increasing every fifteen minutes. Although serious players participated in the event, it was clear that it was really all about raising money for the “Save The Ta-Tas” charity.

After a little more than four hours of play, the tournament had reached its final two players. Fendley moved all-in with a J-2 off-suit. Crowder called with “Big Slick” but was unable to catch a card, while Fendley paired up with another J. Fendley received a bracelet for her win. Both Fendley and Crowder had been former monthly champions at Pleasure Island Poker.

Of the thirty-two players that entered, the top ten received prizes for their finish.

Pleasure Island Poker has been in operation since 2005, and players have enjoyed the monthly poker events where winners have had the opportunity to gain seats in bigger tournaments in Biloxi, Mississippi.

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